Tie Rod Update Kit / Replacements

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All SLR kits from Jan 2016 - Jan 2018 used 14mm outer rod ends. After Jan 2018 all kits transitioned to using 5/8" outer rod ends. This allows a broader selection of motorsport grade rod ends. The 5/8" rod ends are larger and use a Left hand thread allowing the tie rod tube to work as a double adjuster for easier toe adjustment. Also the Ackerman spacers use an updated design. 

Also works well as a spares package

How to tell which design you have:

The Update kit includes:
  • 2x Chromoly outer rod ends
  • 2x Tie rod tubes (Please select length)
  • 2x Ackerman spacers
  • 2x Lower misalignment spacers
  • 2x New Bolts and nuts