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About SLR

NopiDrift California 2007

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and so it was while drifting BMW's in 2006 when SLR products were first conceived. No one made drift parts for these cars so I designed my own. At first it was custom knuckles (hubs for all you UK guys), carefully plotting out the ackerman curve to avoid reverse ackerman at full lock. I then experimented with E46 control arms on E30 and E36 cars and after several years selling these basic angle kits I started making more money with this side business than my main job.

At this point I decided to pursue an idea I'd had since 2007; a 100% bolt-on roll-center, bump-steer and quick-steer solution so people didn't have to worry about trusting welded knuckles, and no one needed to bother taking the whole front suspension apart and shipping heavy knuckles for a core charge.

From the beginning I was determined to build a top-quality product without the dreaded "BMW-tax" often seen in the aftermarket world. Fast-forward to today and we still use the highest quality materials and finishes in the industry while undercutting competitors on price. And while highly competitive on price, we still build everything here in the USA, locally machined, plated, anodized and coated; we are proud to support our local economy.

We've also helped many customers to wins in circuit racing, drifting and time attack, with class records at several courses in various classes around the world. We're here because we love motorsport and will continue to build the best!

Owner/founder Sean Love, and the team at SLR
(561) 542-2810