BMW SLR Angle Kit (Drifting)

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Chassis: E30 / E36 M3 / Z3 M
Control Arm Length and Color: Super - Grey
Lollipop FCAB (Control Arm Type): Adjustable Lollipop


The SLR Complete angle kit completely transforms the response, handling and overall ability of your car in ALL performance driving situations!  Many knuckle packages out there will add some angle, but we address the complete front end with a comprehensive approach, starting where it matters most: ROLL-CENTER

By fixing roll-center your car will resist body-roll naturally through proper geometry and actually create a better turn-in response, smoother better handling, and even more stable braking, especially in transition driving.

The SLR geometry correction also creates a more effective camber curve and enhances feel throughout the steering and suspension travel range.  Remember, this is all just the first part of how our kit gives you the competitive advantage.  After that, we quicken the steering ratio, saving you $600+ for a quick-steer rally rack, and to finish the package, there's built in bump-steer correction which again saves you $$$ from piecing together several components from other vendors.

Designed and built in the USA for BMW 3-Series and BMW Z-cars. This kit increases track width (hub-to-hub) with professionally TIG welded 100% Chromoly control arms for an unmatched combination of light weight & extreme strength. SLR steering plates are made from ultra high strength alloy with 35mm of geometry correction and industry-first Ackerman adjustment (4 positions), in an easy to install, lightweight, completely bolt on package. 

SLR strives to create the highest quality steering kit on the market at any price.

Made from high quality chromoly steel hand welded here in Florida. Beware of imitation arms and fake suppliers of SLR selling arms made from normal mild steel. We get calls every week of people needing fake arms and parts replaced since they bent or cracked - save yourself the headache and don't get scammed!

Kit Features

  • Up to 74°+ of steering lock (depending on wheel/tire combination) - highest in the industry!
  • 40% faster steering ratio
  • Only 3.1 turns lock-to-lock at 65°!* PLEASE NOTE: 93-95 M3 rack limits angle, we      recommend swapping any 96+ base E36 or E46 rack
  • 35mm roll-center correction
  • Matching bump-steer correction
  • Four position adjustable Ackerman to suit track and/or driving style
  • Sway bar bracket to fit E30/E36 type Swaybar links (can retrofit on E46 also please contact us for more information) 
  • Legal for all drifting series worldwide (including Formula-D & USA pro-am)


  • Chassis: Please Choose which Chassis the kit is going on, If you are using E46 M3 knuckles on a different chassis please let us know in the notes.
  • E30&E36: The super kit will widen your E30/E36 by approximately 11cm  and the Ultra kit will widen track by 16.5cm  The Super angle kit is a more street-friendly kit that doesn't absolutely require flares, or widebody.  You can even get away with rolling and pulliung the factory fenders if you run something like a +30 offset and a 215 front tire.   If you want to absolutely maximize angle with 18inch or larger wheels, go for the Ultra kit instead
  • E46: For E46 cars the Super kit will widen the front track by 5.5cm, and Ultra will widen it by 11cm.    E46 cars can easily get away with running a Super kit under stock fenders, but again to maximize angle with an 18inch wheel, go for the Ultra kit.
  • Lollipop (FCAB) Choose "None" If you are happy with your current bushings. Choose "Delrin" for our milled centered Delrin lollipop bushings if you want to just upgrade your stock rubber to much more solid Delrin (All E46 and Z4 will come with Delrin Bushings by Default). 
    Choose "Billet Adjustable" to include our caster adjustable Billet aluminum Lollipops and hardware.
  • Colors:  Gunmetal Grey  or  Violet Purple .   Custom colors available by special request (additional charge and longer delivery times apply) 

What's in box

  • SLR Lower Control Arms x2
  • SLR Inner & outer balljoint studs
  • SLR Bump-steer / Roll-center /Steering Adapters x2
  • SLR Adjustable outer tie-rods x2
  • SLR Billet tie-rod tubes x2
  • SLR Installation Manual & decals
  • SLR Steering Rack Limiters
  • All hardware for 100% bolt-on installation

Please Include year and model in the notes once you have placed your order.

Orders typically ship in 7-10 business days 
*with a standard ratio rack, Z3 non-m rack is 2.7


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    Chassis: E30 / E36 M3 / Z3 M
    Control Arm Length and Color: Super - Grey
    Lollipop FCAB (Control Arm Type): Adjustable Lollipop

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