Steering Rack Stop Set (lock limiters)

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SLR shaft mounted steering angle limiters allow you to dial maximum steering lock without rub, great for racecars with brake ducts, AND drift cars to lay it on lock without worry!  We use rack shaft stops so the power steering load is removed from the tie-rod itself when you reach the limit.  This stops the power steering from stripping tie-rods, bending parts, and reduces failures when hitting bumps at full lock.

 Currently included in all SLR steering kits. When using a wide front wheel/tire combo or a high offset you may have rubbing on frame or sway bar, so these help allow you to limit the steering travel and avoid rub. 

 Easily clip on your rack one by one until the desired rack travel limit is reached. 

No more having to remove your tie rod over and over while trimming the stop until the proper clearance is achieved.

*Sold as a set of 6*