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ER 350Z Coilover Kit - BC Racing

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Series: ER
Spring Rate: Drift Spec
Rear Coilover Option: True Coilover


  • Nissan 350Z


    At this price point, BC Racing is hard to beat in the coilover market! Delivered as a full bolt-in replacement, you don't need to buy other parts like 3rd party top mounts or camber plates, these are ready to install and rock out. With a single adjustment knob, compression and rebound are simultaneously adjusted at a 1:3 ratio (compression is generally less force than rebound, so this is a good way to build a single-adjustable shock). Ride height is adjustable from MonsterJam to lower than Idi Amin approval ratings.

    For track and drift applications we recommend 30-50mm lower than factory ride height.  Contact us directly for custom use spring and valving recommendations.

    SLR is an authorized dealer so all factory warranties with BC Racing are included. Any SLR discounted coupons will not work with BC products and will be refunded.

    About BC Coilover Packages

    BR Series - The BC Racing BR Series offers the most affordable entry into coilover suspension without sacrificing performance, comfort, build quality, vehicle height, or handling. This is done by extensively testing each vehicle then refining the coilover characteristics as many times as needed to ensure the most well-balanced and affordable aftermarket suspension conceivable.

    ER Series - The BC Racing ER Series Coilover System is the next evolution in your suspension tuning and vehicle setup needs. The ER Series offers 30-clicks of independently adjustable compression and rebound with remote reservoirs to increase oil capacity and help with faster heat dissipation.

    Drift Spec Rate - Per chassis we have determined the perfect drift specification, which typically involves a different spring rate and in some cases, different valving. Choosing this option will guarantee proper setup for your car.


    Standard Spec Rate - This option is what BC has determined to be the best natural choice for improved handling and performance all around. 

    Swift Spring- Swift springs are manufactured using superior engineering and have moved quickly through the ranks of motorsports and some of the world's most reputable races. Swift springs are the lightest in weight, strongest in durability, and highest in linearity of any spring on the market.

    Rear Coilover option -  Many vehicles run a divorced style spring and shock setup in the rear. For example an E36/46 or a 350Z. Using this option you can select if you want to run your setup with the OEM divorced design or if you want to convert your car to a true rear combined coilover setup.

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    Series: ER
    Spring Rate: Drift Spec
    Rear Coilover Option: True Coilover

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