E46 solid subframe bushings / mounts

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In addition to giving more driver feedback and immediate response from the suspension and drivetrain, solid subframe bushings reinforce the rear body and frame of your car. This makes the subframe an integral structural member of the rear unibody instead of a rubber isolated floating member.  This can help avoid the notorious E46 stress cracks in the body around the subframe mounts by eliminating the ability for the subframe to move and cause that flex in the first place.  The structural integration aspect can be seen on the F80/82 M3 & M4 where BMW employed full solid mounted subframes from the factory.


SLR subframe mounts include proper spacers to mount your subframe at factory height, or remove them to compensate for the roll-center change when using the weld-in body reinforcement plates so you remain legal for stock geometry racing categories.


Also includes new shorter motorsport grade hardware for further weight reduction.


We recommend urethane or OEM rubber differential mounts with this setup, and you can also add our new rear floor to shock tower brace for even more rear end rigidity, or for supporting rear full coilover (aka true coilover rear shock).


Designed with a sharp concave profile for a fresh, unique design which also saves weight and has more axial rigidity than other bushings on the market!