E38 Multi-Pattern Rear Hubs - Multihub

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We designed these hubs allow you to run almost any of the popular 5 bolt wheels you can get your hands on. This makes it much easier to source drift spares, fit awesome looking wheels you never could before, and super easy to swap to different wheels but just spinning your brake rotor.

The patterns on this hub include:
5x127 (aka. 5x5)

*Sold as a set (2 hubs)

To install you just remove your rotors from your E38 and drill out all 5 holes to 20mm using a step drill (unibit). Then when everything is back on your car, you simply rotate your rotors to the pattern you want to use and bolt your wheels on. Takes just a couple seconds to swap patterns!

You will no longer use the little screw that further bolts the rotor on, this is not needed.

*This particular set is built to order, expect 2-3 weeks manufacturing time upon ordering.

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