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Corvette (C5/C6) Quick Steer/ Angle Kit

Corvette (C5/C6) Quick Steer/ Angle Kit

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Three point turns in your Corvette require a small airport?  

Or just need some big lock to really get wild with the drift buds?

Eliminate the slow-in response and titanic turning circle with this killer machined alloy kit!

Our quick-steer + angle kit is the solution to these problems and will give you the steering a real GT car like the Corvette deserves!

These are a great addition to a daily driver since they quicken your steering a considerable amount over factory allowing for a much tighter steering radius. Less hand over hand on the wheel offers you more control on not only the street but the race track or auto-cross course as well.  

If you plan on drifting your Corvette then these are a must. The factory car has only 24 Degrees of steering lock! That is abysmal for a car with a 104.5 inch Wheelbase. 

- Bolt on installation, all hardware included 
- Three Position Ackerman Adjustment for Racing or Drifting  
- Machined from Billet 7075-T6 Aerospace Grade Aluminum 
- 45* of steering lock possible dependent on wheel and tire setup. 
- Race Quality outer tierod rod end  
- May require trimming 15mm from inner tie-rods. 
- Dual Sheer outer tie-rod pickup design 

This is just the first in of a line of future parts that will be released for the C5/C6 Corvette chassis.


☆Please note☆ Some media below shows V1 kits which included a different inner tie-rod; current V3 kits come witha shorter outer tie-rod tube designed to work with factory Corvette inners.

*We recommend removing the original steering arm for weight reduction and extra room but you can retain the original pickup by filing/sanding the edge of the original Corvette steering arm to allow room for the SLR steering bracket. This is necessary for proper steering geometry*


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