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E46 32mm Sway Bar

E46 32mm Sway Bar

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SLR 32mm solid alloy steel anti-roll bar. Specifically designed for mounting to the control arms to avoid pre-load, decouple, & variable rate problems associated with strut-mounted links.


For both race & drift cars. This is stiffest front bar on the market currently.


RACE: Use with strut-mounted links for roll resistance comparable to the 45mm tubular BMW Motorsport WTCC bars.  




DRIFT: Put simply, strut mount sway links on E36/E46 cars increase rate as you steer: More angle creates more pre-load, which effectively stiffens the bar. However in counter-steer this effect is reversed as the bodyroll is the same direction, so it effectively decouples the bar, which is the exact opposite of what you need at big angle. This bar gives excellent turn-on response, weight transfer, and can help you dig out of deep fast entries without scrubbing a lot of speed! Keep your foot planted and drive out.


This bar will work with stock type non-M E30 and E36 links, but our link kit includes an offset cone to align better with SLR control arms.


*May require slight trimming to the sheet metal on the E46 chassis. This bar is bent as tight as possible for drift cars that need space for steering angle.


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