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Why SLRspeed Angle Kits are the Best Choice for Your Drift Car

Why SLRspeed Angle Kits are the Best Choice for Your Drift Car

Drifting enthusiasts know that having the right angle kit can make a world of difference in performance and control. At SLRspeed, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality angle kits for a range of iconic drift cars, including the BMW E46, E36, E30, Nissan 350Z, 370Z, Mercedes R230, Porsche, FC RX7, and Corvette C5 and C6. In this blog, we’ll explore why SLRspeed angle kits stand out from the competition, particularly those that use inferior materials and manufacturing processes.

The SLRspeed Difference

Superior Materials: Chromoly vs. Mild Steel

One of the most significant differences between SLRspeed angle kits and those from competitors is the material used. Many competitors produce their kits in China using low-quality mild steel. While mild steel may be cheaper, it doesn’t offer the same strength and durability as Chromoly steel, which is what we use for all our angle kits.

Why Chromoly?

  • Strength: Chromoly is significantly stronger than mild steel. This means our angle kits can withstand the extreme forces exerted during aggressive drifting without bending or breaking.
  • Durability: Chromoly's superior resistance to wear and tear ensures that SLRspeed angle kits last longer, providing consistent performance over time.
  • Weight: Despite its strength, Chromoly is lightweight, contributing to better handling and responsiveness of your drift car.

Precision Engineering and Fit

At SLRspeed, we understand that precision is key to achieving the perfect drift. Our angle kits are meticulously engineered to fit specific car models, ensuring a seamless installation and optimal performance. Competitors often cut corners with generic designs that may not fit as well, leading to subpar performance and potential safety issues.

Designed for Performance

Our angle kits are designed with the drifter in mind. We focus on maximizing steering angle, improving handling, and ensuring the durability needed for high-stress drifting conditions. Here’s a look at what we offer for each model:

BMW E46 and E36

  • E46 Angle Kit: Enhances steering precision and increases drift angle, allowing for tighter and more controlled drifts.
  • E36 Angle Kit: Offers similar benefits, with additional components like e36 control arms and e36 camber plates to further refine handling and stability.

Nissan 350Z and 370Z

  • 350Z Angle Kit: Provides a significant increase in steering angle, essential for executing complex drift maneuvers.
  • 370Z Angle Kit: Builds on the 350Z kit with further refinements to meet the demands of more advanced drifters.

Mercedes R230

  • R230 Angle Kit: Transforms the elegant Mercedes into a drift-ready machine, with improved steering response and increased angle for better control.


  • Porsche Angle Kit: Tailored for the precision engineering of Porsche vehicles, this kit enhances steering capabilities, making drifting smoother and more predictable.


  • FC RX7 Angle Kit: Takes advantage of the RX7’s lightweight chassis, providing the perfect balance of steering angle and control for high-speed drifts.

Corvette C5 and C6

  • C5 and C6 Angle Kits: Designed to handle the raw power of Corvette’s V8 engines, these kits offer increased steering angle and improved handling to keep your drifts sharp and controlled.

The Pitfalls of Inferior Angle Kits

Low-Quality Materials

As mentioned earlier, many competitors use mild steel, which is prone to bending and breaking under stress. This not only affects performance but also poses significant safety risks.

Poor Fit and Finish

Kits made with inferior manufacturing processes often suffer from poor fit and finish, leading to installation difficulties and inconsistent performance. SLRspeed’s kits are designed for perfect fitment, ensuring you get the best possible performance out of your vehicle.

Lack of Durability

Inferior materials and manufacturing processes result in kits that wear out quickly, requiring frequent replacements. SLRspeed’s Chromoly kits are built to last, providing you with reliable performance season after season.


When it comes to drifting, the quality of your angle kit can make all the difference. SLRspeed’s commitment to using high-quality Chromoly steel, precision engineering, and performance-focused design sets our kits apart from the competition. Whether you’re driving a BMW E46, E36, E30, Nissan 350Z, 370Z, Mercedes R230, Porsche, FC RX7, or Corvette C5 and C6, SLRspeed has the perfect angle kit to elevate your drifting experience.

Invest in quality. Choose SLRspeed for the best in performance, durability, and reliability. Visit our website today to explore our range of angle kits and take your drifting to the next level.

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