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Upgrading Your Drift Car for Maximum Performance and Feeling

Upgrading Your Drift Car for Maximum Performance and Feeling

Drifting is a motorsport where precision, control, and personal style are paramount. To achieve the best performance and feel on the track, upgrading certain components of your drift car can make a significant difference. Here’s a guide to some essential upgrades, using real-world examples to illustrate their impact.

Angle Kits

Angle kits are crucial for enhancing a car's steering angle, allowing for more dramatic and controlled drifts. For instance, an E36 angle kit or an E46 angle kit increases the steering angle from the standard 35-45 degrees to 70-80 degrees. This upgrade enables smoother transitions and tighter turns, essential for precision drifting.

Example: Without an angle kit, a BMW E46 struggles to maintain wide angles during a drift, often requiring corrections and limiting the driver's control. With an E46 angle kit, the steering range expands, providing the driver with more maneuverability and confidence in executing complex drift maneuvers.

BMW Drifting Enhancements

When it comes to BMW drifting, several components can significantly improve performance. BMW motor mounts are essential for maintaining engine stability under the extreme conditions of drifting. Replacing worn-out motor mounts with high-performance ones ensures that the engine stays securely in place, reducing unwanted movement and enhancing throttle response.

Example: In E46 drifting, the difference with upgraded motor mounts is palpable. Without them, engine vibrations can throw off the car's balance, making it harder to control during drifts. Upgraded motor mounts provide a more stable and responsive driving experience, crucial for maintaining smooth and controlled drifts.

E46 Subframe and E36 Camber Plate

The E46 subframe is another critical upgrade for BMWs. A reinforced subframe addresses common issues like subframe cracking, especially under the stress of drifting. This upgrade ensures that the suspension components remain intact and aligned, providing better handling and durability.

Example: Without a reinforced E46 subframe, drivers might experience unpredictable handling due to subframe flex. Upgrading to a reinforced subframe ensures the suspension geometry remains stable, allowing for more predictable and precise drifts.

E36 camber plates are essential for adjusting the camber angle of the front wheels. Proper camber settings improve tire contact with the road during a drift, enhancing grip and control.

Example: Without camber plates, an E36 might suffer from uneven tire wear and reduced grip during drifts. Installing E36 camber plates allows for optimal camber settings, ensuring maximum tire contact and improved handling.

350Z and 370Z Angle Kits

For Nissan enthusiasts, 350Z angle kits and 370Z angle kits are vital for improving the steering angle and drift performance. These kits allow for more aggressive drifting, enabling drivers to take sharper turns and maintain better control.

Example: A stock 350Z has a limited steering angle, making it challenging to execute tight drifts. With a 350Z angle kit, the increased steering angle allows for more dramatic and controlled drifts, enhancing the overall drifting experience.

Corvette Drifting Upgrades

Corvette drifting can be taken to the next level with specific upgrades tailored to enhance performance. Just like BMWs, Corvettes benefit from angle kits and motor mounts designed for high-stress conditions.

Example: Without proper upgrades, a Corvette might struggle with maintaining drift angles and stability. Installing a high-quality angle kit and reinforced motor mounts transforms the Corvette into a drift-ready machine, capable of handling the demands of competitive drifting.


Upgrading your drift car with these essential components ensures maximum performance and feeling on the track. Whether it’s an E36 angle kit, E46 angle kit, BMW motor mounts, or 370Z angle kit, each upgrade plays a crucial role in enhancing your car’s drifting capabilities. Investing in these parts not only improves your car’s performance but also boosts your confidence and enjoyment on the track.

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