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Unleash Your E36 BMW's Drift Potential with Comprehensive Performance Upgrades

Unleash Your E36 BMW's Drift Potential with Comprehensive Performance Upgrades

Are you ready to transform your E36 BMW into a formidable drift machine? At SLRspeed, we offer a comprehensive range of performance upgrades tailored specifically for the E36 platform. From angle kits to control arms and steering plates, our selection of premium parts is designed to elevate your drifting experience to new heights.

Complete Drift Package: Angle Kit, Control Arms, and Steering Plates

Upgrade your E36 BMW with our complete drift package, featuring control arms, tierods, lollipops, and steering plates. Our meticulously engineered angle kit allows for greater steering angle, while enhancing stability and control through every drift. This comprehensive package provides the perfect foundation for a dialed-in drift setup.

Coilovers: Customizable Suspension Performance

Achieve the ideal balance of stiffness and responsiveness with our E36 coilovers by BC. These coilovers offer customizable suspension performance, allowing you to tailor your ride height and damping settings to suit your needs. With adjustable spring rates and damping settings, you'll enjoy optimal comfort and performance on the track.

Toe Plates: Achieving Perfect Alignment

Optimize your E36's handling and tire wear with our toe plates. These toe plates make it easy to achieve perfect alignment, allowing you to dial in the ideal toe settings for maximum grip and stability on the track. With precise alignment settings, you'll extract every ounce of performance from your E36, giving you the competitive edge you need to dominate the drift circuit.

With SLRspeed's comprehensive range of performance upgrades, including our complete drift package and essential components like coilovers, tie rods, and toe plates, you'll have everything you need to unleash your car's drift potential. 

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