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Unleash Your Drifting Potential with SLRspeed

Unleash Your Drifting Potential with SLRspeed

Drifting is an art form that requires precision, skill, and the right equipment. At SLRspeed, we provide the highest quality parts to help you achieve your drifting dreams. Whether you're driving a BMW E36, E46, or a Nissan 350Z, our top-of-the-line motor mounts, angle kits, and toe plates are designed to give you the edge on the track. In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of these components and how SLRspeed can help you perfect your drifting setup.

The Foundation: BMW Motor Mounts

Motor mounts are a critical component in any drift car, especially for BMW models. High-quality BMW motor mounts ensure that your engine stays securely in place, reducing unwanted movement and improving overall stability. This stability is crucial for maintaining control during high-speed drifts.

Our BMW motor mounts are designed to withstand the stresses of competitive drifting, providing superior durability and performance. Whether you’re focusing on E36 drifting or E46 drifting, upgrading your motor mounts will enhance your driving experience and vehicle reliability.

Precision Control: Angle Kits

An angle kit is essential for achieving the wide steering angles necessary for advanced drifting techniques. SLRspeed offers specialized angle kits for a variety of models, including the E36 angle kit, E46 angle kit, and 350Z angle kit. These kits are engineered to provide maximum steering angle, allowing you to perform aggressive drifts with confidence.

E36 Angle Kit

The E36 angle kit is designed to enhance the steering capabilities of your BMW E36. With this kit, you’ll enjoy increased steering angle, improved handling, and more precise control. This makes E36 drifting smoother and more predictable, giving you the confidence to push your limits on the track.

E46 Angle Kit

For those driving the BMW E46, our E46 angle kit offers similar benefits, tailored specifically to the E46 chassis. This kit maximizes your steering angle, ensuring that E46 drifting is both exhilarating and controllable. With the right angle kit, you’ll be able to tackle the sharpest corners and execute flawless drifts.

350Z Angle Kit

Nissan 350Z enthusiasts aren’t left out. Our 350Z angle kit provides the same level of precision and control, transforming your 350Z into a drifting powerhouse. This kit is designed to enhance the natural strengths of the 350Z, making it a formidable contender in any drifting competition.

Perfect Alignment: Toe Plates

Toe alignment is a crucial aspect of any high-performance drift setup. Proper toe alignment ensures that your tires wear evenly, improving grip and extending tire life. SLRspeed’s toe plates are the best in the market, made from super thick 3mm aluminum and fully anodized for durability.

Our toe plates feature laser-etched degree measurements, making it easy to adjust and convert between different settings. With these toe plates, you can achieve perfect toe alignment from either outside or under your car, allowing for precise adjustments that enhance your drifting performance.

Bringing It All Together

Combining high-quality motor mounts, angle kits, and toe plates creates a drift setup that is both powerful and reliable. For E36 drifting and E46 drifting enthusiasts, upgrading to SLRspeed’s E36 angle kit and E46 angle kit, along with our robust BMW motor mounts, ensures your vehicle performs at its best.

Nissan 350Z drivers can also benefit from our 350Z angle kit, designed to provide maximum steering angle and control. And for all models, our durable toe plates ensure your alignment is perfect, helping you maintain optimal grip and reduce tire wear.


Drifting requires the right combination of skill, precision, and high-quality components. SLRspeed is dedicated to providing the best products to help you achieve your drifting goals. Our BMW motor mounts, angle kits, and toe plates are designed to enhance performance and reliability, ensuring you can drift with confidence.

Upgrade your drift car with SLRspeed and experience the difference in quality and performance. Visit our website today to explore our range of products and take your drifting to the next level. Whether it’s E36 drifting, E46 drifting, or pushing the limits of your 350Z, SLRspeed has the parts you need to dominate the track.

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