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The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Drift Car with SLRspeed

The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Drift Car with SLRspeed

Drifting is not just a sport; it's a passion that requires precision, dedication, and the right equipment. At SLRspeed, we understand the needs of serious drifters and provide top-quality components to elevate your performance on the track. This guide will delve into our premium parts, tuning tips, and the unique advantages that SLRspeed offers. Whether you're looking for C6 drift parts or optimizing your BMW with E46 lower control arms, we have you covered.

The Foundation: BMW Performance Upgrades

Enhancing Your BMW with E46 Lower Control Arms

The E46 lower control arms from SLRspeed are designed to improve handling and stability. These control arms are crucial for maintaining optimal suspension geometry, especially during aggressive drifts. They provide increased strength and durability, ensuring your car can handle the rigors of competitive drifting.

Tuning Tip: Align Your Control Arms

Proper alignment of your E46 lower control arms is essential. Make sure the control arms are installed correctly and check the alignment regularly. This ensures maximum tire contact with the road, providing better grip and control.

Maximizing Camber with BMW Camber Plates

Camber adjustment is vital for achieving the best possible tire contact during a drift. SLRspeed's BMW camber plates allow for precise camber tuning, which is crucial for both grip and tire wear management.

Tuning Tip: Optimal Camber Settings

For drifting, a slight negative camber is often beneficial. This helps keep the tire flat during cornering, improving grip. However, too much negative camber can lead to excessive tire wear. Aim for a balance that maximizes grip without sacrificing tire longevity.

Locking in Precision with the BMW Lock Kit

A BMW lock kit is essential for increasing your steering angle, allowing for more aggressive and controlled drifts. SLRspeed’s BMW lock kit is designed to provide maximum angle without compromising the integrity of your steering components.

Tuning Tip: Adjusting Steering Angle

When installing the BMW lock kit, ensure that the steering rack and tie rods are properly adjusted to prevent any binding. This will provide a smoother and more predictable steering response during drifts.

Mastering the Art of Drifting with Angle Kits

The Versatility of the Angle Kit E36

SLRspeed’s angle kit E36 is a must-have for any serious drifter. It significantly increases the steering angle, allowing for tighter and more controlled drifts. This kit is designed for durability and precision, ensuring consistent performance on the track.

Elevate Your E46 with the E46 Angle Kit

The E46 angle kit offers similar benefits, tailored specifically for the E46 chassis. This kit enhances your car’s drifting capabilities by providing a greater steering angle and improved handling characteristics.

Tuning Tip: Balancing Steering and Stability

While installing an angle kit, it’s crucial to balance the increased steering angle with overall stability. Ensure your suspension setup can handle the extra angle without compromising control. This may involve upgrading other components like sway bars and control arms.

American Muscle: Optimizing the Corvette C5 and C6

Dominating the Track with C6 Drift Parts

SLRspeed offers a comprehensive range of C6 drift parts designed to enhance the performance and reliability of your Corvette. These parts, including upgraded control arms and steering components, are engineered to withstand the extreme forces of drifting.

Enhancing Your C5 with Precision C5 Drift Parts

For Corvette C5 owners, our C5 drift parts provide the necessary upgrades to make your car a drifting beast. These components are designed to improve handling, increase steering angle, and ensure the car remains stable during aggressive maneuvers.

Tuning Tip: Strengthening the Drivetrain

Both the C5 and C6 Corvettes benefit from a strengthened drivetrain. Upgrading to performance axles and differentials can help handle the increased power and stress of drifting, preventing failures and ensuring smooth power delivery.

Suspension Upgrades: Coilover Conversions

E Class and CL Coilover Conversion Kits

SLRspeed's E Class coilover conversion and CL coilover conversion kits are designed to provide superior handling and ride quality. These kits replace the factory suspension with adjustable coilovers, allowing for fine-tuning of your car’s suspension setup.

Tuning Tip: Adjusting Ride Height and Dampening

With coilover conversions, it’s essential to adjust the ride height and dampening settings to suit your driving style. Lowering the ride height can improve handling, but be careful not to lower it too much, as this can negatively affect suspension geometry.

Reinforcing Your BMW with a Subframe Upgrade

BMW Subframe: The Backbone of Performance

The BMW subframe plays a critical role in maintaining the structural integrity of your car. Upgrading to an SLRspeed BMW subframe can significantly improve your car’s handling and durability, especially under the stresses of drifting.

Tuning Tip: Regular Inspections

Ensure your subframe and all related components are regularly inspected for cracks or damage. A reinforced subframe provides a solid foundation for all other performance upgrades, ensuring your car remains reliable and capable on the track.


Drifting requires a delicate balance of power, control, and precision. With SLRspeed's range of high-quality performance parts, including angle kits, control arms, camber plates, and coilover conversions, you can transform your car into a drifting powerhouse. By following our tuning tips and investing in the best components, you'll be well on your way to mastering the art of drifting. Visit our website today to explore our full range of products and take the first step towards becoming a drifting legend with SLRspeed.

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