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Steering Angle Modifications: A Professional Guide

Steering Angle Modifications: A Professional Guide

Are you ready to take your drifting to the next level by enhancing your steering angle? At SLRspeed, we specialize in top-quality angle kits, coilovers, sway bars, motor mounts, camber plates, toe plates, and more. This guide will walk you through the reasons behind steering angle modifications, popular methods, and how to make adjustments using our specialized products.

Understanding the Need for Steering Angle in Drifting

Do You Need Steering Angle Modifications?

First and foremost, you don't need an extreme steering angle to learn how to drift. Often, beginners at drift events invest in high-end angle kits, like our premium SLRspeed kits, before mastering basic drifting fundamentals. This can lead to over-angling, which actually slows down your drift.

Some cars require angle modifications from the get-go, while others don't. For example, Corvettes have limited steering angles due to their limited steering geometry, making it difficult to drift without modifications. Increased steering angle provides a larger margin of error, crucial for beginners.

The Importance of Margin of Error

When learning to drift, you're bound to make mistakes. Additional steering angle allows you to correct errors without spinning out. Although you'll lose some speed, maintaining control is more manageable.

However, relying too heavily on steering corrections can form bad habits. Drifting should primarily be controlled with throttle adjustments. Nevertheless, certain chassis, like Corvette's, benefit significantly from angle kits.

The Right Time to Modify

Once you've gained enough seat time and mastered drifting with a stock angle, you might consider stepping up your game with steering angle modifications. The level of modification depends on your car's power and the type of course you're driving. For tight, technical courses, minimal modifications are needed. For high-speed Pro-Am level courses, more substantial modifications are beneficial.

Popular Steering Angle Modifications

Steering Rack Spacers

One of the primary limitations in most cars is the inner tie rod end bottoming out on the steering rack housing. Installing a slip-on or bolt-on steering rack spacer between the inner tie rod end and the steering rack lengthens the steering rack, allowing more steering travel and thus, more angle. Some vehicles may require the removal of bump stops on the rack or control arms to use these spacers effectively.

Steering Knuckle Modifications

Modifying steering knuckles involves two main changes: shortening the steering knuckle and adjusting the tie rod end location relative to the ball joint for reduced or zero Ackermann.

Shortening the Knuckles

Shortening the steering knuckles quickens your steering ratio, requiring less rack travel to achieve the same steering angle. If you already have rack spacers and your tie rod end has enough clearance, shorter knuckles can provide additional steering angle. However, if shortened too much, the tie rod end might contact the control arm sooner, reducing the angle.

Ackermann Adjustment

Ackermann angle refers to the relative positions of the ball joint and tie rod end holes on the knuckle. In standard setups, Ackermann angle ensures each wheel turns at a different radius, preventing tire scrubbing and excessive wear during normal driving. However, in drifting, where countersteering is prevalent, reduced or zero Ackermann prevents front tires from fighting each other, reducing tire wear and enhancing speed and line accuracy.

Adjusting Toe with Toe Plates

Toe plates are essential for fine-tuning the alignment of your wheels. Proper toe adjustment improves handling and stability during drifts. By measuring and adjusting toe using SLRspeed toe plates, you ensure that your wheels are aligned perfectly for optimal performance.

Adjusting Camber with Camber Plates

Camber plates allow for precise adjustments to your car's camber angle. Negative camber can increase tire contact during drifts, enhancing grip and control. Using SLRspeed camber plates, you can easily adjust the camber to suit your driving style and track conditions so that you have the average of the track with most grip on your tires so that you are faster and wear tires less.


Steering angle modifications are a crucial aspect of drifting, and understanding the need, timing, and methods for these modifications can significantly enhance your drifting performance. Whether you're just starting or looking to compete at higher levels, SLRspeed offers the best products to help you achieve your goals. Adjust your toe and camber with our specialized plates to ensure your setup is perfectly dialed in for the ultimate drifting experience.

For more information on our products and how they can benefit your drifting setup, visit our website or contact our expert team today!

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