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SLR DIY Budget Kit

SLR DIY Budget Kit

I see you out there, yeah you. Looking at the kits in the store saying to yourself "Man I wish there was a way to get the super kit for less" 

Well you my friend are in luck! New to our product lineup is our Budget kit. This kit has all the benefits of the SLR super angle kit at a lower cost to you.

You get the world famous SLR bolt on 7075 T6 steering plate with 
- Four Position Adjustable Ackerman 
- 40% Quicker Steering Ratio
- 28mm of Roll Center and bumpsteer correction
- USA made Spherical Bearing's
- Billet Steel Control Arm Extensions.
- Billet Aluminum Tie Extension Tubes

The way it works. You take your factory E30/E36 steel control arms, cut the outer ball joint off, prep the arm for welding and have a qualified welder do the deed on adding a total of 108mm of track width. Paint the arms bolt everything up and you're good to go.

The real question is "What am I not getting from the budget kit". Well aside from looking pretty sweet the SLR tubular control arms are very light, a bit less than 1/2 the weight of the factory steel control arms. If you want to minimize un-sprung weight the budget kit probably isn't for you. However if you aren't a serious weight weenie, this kit has all the angle and benefits of the super kit with quality 100% made in america components for a much more wallet friendly price. 


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