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Master Your Drifting with SLRspeed: The Ultimate Guide to Performance Upgrades

Master Your Drifting with SLRspeed: The Ultimate Guide to Performance Upgrades

At SLRspeed, we understand that drifting is more than just a sport; it’s an art form. To help you perfect your craft, we offer a range of high-quality components designed to enhance your car's performance and reliability. Whether you're driving a BMW E36, E46, E30, or a Corvette C5, our products are built to give you the edge on the track. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of our angle kits, control arms, sway bars, tie rods, and toe plates, and how they can transform your drifting experience.

Elevate Your E36 with SLRspeed

Angle Kit E36

The BMW E36 is a favorite among drifters for its balance and handling. To unlock its full potential, our angle kit E36 is a must-have. This kit increases the steering angle, allowing for tighter, more controlled drifts. Our e36 angle kits are designed for durability and performance, ensuring that your car responds precisely to every input.

E36 Control Arms and Tie Rods

In addition to the angle kit, upgrading to SLRspeed’s e36 control arms can significantly enhance your car’s handling. These control arms provide superior strength and rigidity, allowing for better control during high-stress maneuvers. Pair them with our e36 tie rods, and you’ll experience improved steering response and stability, making your E36 a drifting powerhouse.

Perfecting the E46

E46 Angle Kit

For those who prefer the BMW E46, our e46 angle kit offers similar benefits. This kit increases the steering angle, providing the precision needed for professional-level drifting. With the e46 angle kit, you’ll be able to tackle tight corners and execute flawless drifts with ease.

E46 Control Arms and Sway Bars

Upgrading your E46 with SLRspeed’s e46 control arms and e46 sway bars will take your drifting to the next level. The control arms enhance the car’s suspension geometry, improving handling and stability. Meanwhile, the sway bars reduce body roll, ensuring that your car remains planted and stable during aggressive maneuvers. Together, these components make the E46 a formidable force on the drift track.

Bringing Classic Performance to the E30

E30 Control Arms

The BMW E30 may be a classic, but with the right upgrades, it can compete with modern drift cars. Our e30 control arms are designed to improve the car’s handling and responsiveness. Made from high-quality materials, these control arms provide the strength and durability needed to handle the rigors of drifting.

Unleashing the Power of the Corvette C5

C5 Angle Kit

For drivers who favor American muscle, the Corvette C5 is an excellent choice for drifting. Our c5 angle kit is specifically designed to increase the steering angle, allowing you to harness the power of the Corvette and maintain control during high-speed drifts. With the c5 angle kit, your Corvette will become a drift-ready machine.

The Final Touch: Perfect Alignment

Toe Plates

No drift car setup is complete without proper alignment. SLRspeed’s toe plates are essential for achieving perfect toe alignment, ensuring maximum tire grip and even wear. With our precision-engineered toe plates, you can fine-tune your alignment from either the outside or under your car, making adjustments easy and accurate.


At SLRspeed, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality components to help you master the art of drifting. Our angle kits, control arms, sway bars, tie rods, and toe plates are designed to enhance your car's performance and reliability, giving you the confidence to push your limits on the track. Whether you're driving an E36, E46, E30, or Corvette C5, our products will transform your drifting experience.

Visit our website today to explore our range of products and start your journey to becoming a drifting master. With SLRspeed, you have the tools you need to dominate the track and achieve your drifting dreams.

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