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Master Your Drift and Circuit Performance with SLRspeed

Master Your Drift and Circuit Performance with SLRspeed

At SLRspeed, we are dedicated to providing top-tier performance parts that enhance the capabilities of your vehicle, whether you are into drifting, circuit racing, or both. Our comprehensive range of products is designed to offer superior handling, stability, and precision. In this blog, we will explore some of our premium products and how they can transform your driving experience, from BMWs to Corvettes and beyond.

The Ultimate BMW Upgrades

BMW Circuit Arms and Caster Adjustments

For BMW enthusiasts looking to improve their circuit performance, our BMW circuit arms and BMW caster kits are essential. These components enhance the car’s suspension geometry, providing better handling and stability during high-speed maneuvers. Whether you are tackling tight corners or long straights, these upgrades ensure that your BMW remains responsive and balanced.

E36 Control Arms and Angle Kits

The BMW E36 is a popular choice among drifters for its balance and agility. To unlock its full potential, consider installing our E36 control arms and the angle kit E36. The E36 control arms improve suspension strength and rigidity, while the E36 angle kit increases steering angle, allowing for tighter and more controlled drifts. With these enhancements, E36 drifting becomes smoother and more precise.

E30 Racing Arms and Lock Kits

For those who appreciate the classic BMW E30, our E30 racing arms are designed to boost its performance on the track. These racing arms offer superior strength and durability, essential for aggressive driving. Pair them with our BMW lock kit to achieve maximum steering angle and control, ensuring that your E30 can handle the rigors of drifting and racing alike.

E46 Drifting and Control Upgrades

The BMW E46 is another favorite in the drifting community. Our E46 angle kit provides the increased steering angle needed for professional-level drifts. Additionally, upgrading with E46 control arms will enhance your car’s handling, ensuring stability and precision during intense maneuvers. E46 drifting becomes an exhilarating experience with these premium components.

Superior Coilover Conversions

R230 Coilovers for Mercedes Enthusiasts

Transform your Mercedes R230 into a high-performance machine with our R230 coilovers. These coilovers offer improved handling and ride quality, making them ideal for both circuit racing and drifting. With enhanced suspension control, you can tackle any track with confidence.

E-Class and CL Coilover Conversions

For those driving an E-Class or CL Mercedes, our coilover conversions are designed to provide the ultimate in suspension performance. The E-Class coilover conversion and CL coilover conversion kits enhance handling, reduce body roll, and improve overall ride quality, ensuring that your car performs flawlessly under any driving conditions.

Corvette Drifting and Performance Parts

Corvette Angle Kits and C5 Drift Parts

Corvette enthusiasts looking to dominate the drift track need look no further than our Corvette angle kits and C5 drift parts. The Corvette angle kits increase steering angle, allowing for more aggressive and controlled drifts. Our C5 drift parts are engineered to handle the stresses of competitive drifting, providing durability and performance that you can rely on.

Enhancing BMW and Corvette Drifting

Drifting requires precise control and superior handling. Our range of products, including BMW circuit arms, E36 control arms, BMW lock kits, and Corvette angle kits, are designed to give you the edge. Whether you are engaging in BMW drifting or Corvette drifting, our parts ensure that your vehicle responds exactly as you need it to.

Precision Alignment with Toe Plates

Proper alignment is crucial for both drifting and circuit racing. Our toe plates are designed to provide accurate alignment adjustments, ensuring that your tires wear evenly and maintain maximum grip. With precise alignment, your car’s handling and performance will be significantly improved.

Nissan Performance Enhancements

350Z Angle Kits

Nissan’s 350Z is a powerful contender on the drift track. Our 350Z angle kit provides the increased steering angle necessary for executing flawless drifts. This kit, combined with other performance upgrades, transforms your 350Z into a drift-ready machine.


At SLRspeed, we are committed to providing the highest quality performance parts for your vehicle. From BMW circuit arms and angle kits to Corvette angle kits and R230 coilovers, our products are designed to enhance your car’s handling, stability, and precision. Whether you are into BMW drifting, Corvette drifting, or racing on the circuit, SLRspeed has the parts you need to elevate your driving experience. Visit our website today to explore our full range of products and start your journey to mastering the art of drifting and racing.

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