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Corvette (C5/C6) Quick Steer/ Angle Kit

Corvette (C5/C6) Quick Steer/ Angle Kit

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Three point turns in your Corvette require a small airport? 

Feels like maneuvering an Imperial Star Destroyer at the local garage?

Want to trackout with the back out, but need some actual steering angle to make it happen?

Our quick-steer + angle kit is the solution to these problems and will give you the steering a real GT like the Corvette deserves!

These are a great addition to a daily driver since they quicken your steering a considerable amount over factory allowing for a much tighter steering radius. Less hand over hand on the wheel offers you more control on not only the street but the race track or auto-cross course as well.  

If you plan on drifting your Corvette then these are a must. The factory car has only 24 Degrees of steering lock! That is abysmal for a car with a 104.5 inch Wheelbase. 

- Bolt on installation, all hardware included 
- Three Position Ackerman Adjustment for Racing or Drifting  
- Machined from Billet 7075-T6 Aerospace Grade Aluminum 
- 45* of steering lock possible dependent on wheel and tire setup. 
- Race Quality outer tierod rod end  
- May require trimming 15mm from inner tie-rods. 
- Dual Sheer outer tie-rod pickup design 

This is just the first in of a line of future parts that will be released for the C5/C6 Corvette chassis.

*We recommend removing the original steering arm for weight reduction and extra room but you can retain the original pickup by filing/sanding the edge of the original Corvette steering arm to allow room for the SLR steering bracket. This is necessary for proper steering geometry*

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