Chevrolet Corvette (C5/C6) and Cadillac XLR Multi-Pattern Rear Hubs

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If you want to run multiple bolt pattern wheels on the rear of your Corvette it's difficult to use adapter spacers because the car has such a high offset, you need like +60 wheels so we're offering multi-pattern hubs!  Run Chevy 5x4.75, GM/BMW/Newer Japanese 5x120 and thousands of Ford/Japanese 5x114.3 wheels. 


You unbolt your factory hub/bearing assembly from the spindle with three torx bolts, unbolt the axle and re-install everything, drill your rotor holes to 3/4" (19mm) with a step drill and use whatever wheels you want on the same day.

 Sold as a set (2 hubs)

Requires use of wheel bolts or thread-in wheel studs, sold separately.