BMW Mini Kit (Roll Center/Steering Quickening Angle Kit for both Drift & Race)

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Chassis: E30 / E36 M3 / Z3 M
Application and Color: Drift - Grey
Lollipop FCAB (Control Arm Type): Adjustable Lollipop (E30/E36/Z3/SLR Round)

*Important* You must let us know what control arms you are planning to use and color preference, grey or purple, in the notes when you order, otherwise your order will be delayed until we obtain that information. 

While it may be quite affordable, this kit packs a powerful punch for both racers and drifters by offering most of the same benefits of our proven full front-end kits, while using an OEM control arm.  This is great for classes that do not allow aftermarket control arms, and if you decide later to upgrade to SLR tubular arms, you’ll have a set of spherical-jointed OEM arms that you can sell or keep for spares.

This kit replaces your original outer balljoint with a teflon lined spherical bearing and uses the SLR steering plate to correct roll-center by 35mm while adjusting the bump-steer to match as well as offering the ability to fine-tune both.  It will also quicken your steering ratio by 40%* (or 28-30% reduction in lock-to-lock depending on chassis), removing the need for expensive custom quick-steer racks.

Can be configured for race, autocross, or drift use via patent-pending SLR adjustable ackerman system.

The chassis selection is based on which steering knuckle (Hubs for our UK friends) you are using on your car. If you are using E36 knuckles on your E30 then order the E36 kit and so forth. Race or Drift selection is simply which end of the ackerman adjustment you would like your steering plates to be pre-configured out of the box. This can be changed at anytime after you have received your kit. Lollipop selection is based on which control arm you are using with your kit. Factory E30/E36 and SLR Chromoly control arms use the round insert on the adjustable Lollipops, factory E46 arms use the hex insert.

Note the Delrin standard Lollipop bushings will not work with factory E46 control arms as standard. The rear pivot must be rounded down to fit.

Control arm ball-joint removal and bearing installation instructions are included

* Steering quickening determined by 40% more actual front wheel angle in the first turn of lock.  Though it may seem a large increase in steering ratio, many customers still combine the kit with a Z3 rack for ultra-fast steering.


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Chassis: E30 / E36 M3 / Z3 M
Application and Color: Drift - Grey
Lollipop FCAB (Control Arm Type): Adjustable Lollipop (E30/E36/Z3/SLR Round)

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