SLR BMW E46 (non-M3) Race kit

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SLR Race Kit designed for the E46 non-M.   Lightweight tubular high strength replacement arm set, including matched roll-center, bump-steer and quick steering geometry.  Each control arm is built to original length.   If you have a little extra room under the fenders, instead of adding spacers or low offset wheels we can build these in several different widths in order to increase your track width while maintaining scrub radius as close to stock as possible for better, more neutral steering feel and control.

This kit bundles four expensive upgrades for your car into one affordable package:

  • Lightweight chromoly control arms 
  • Roll-center correction
  • Bump-steer correction
  • Quick-ratio steering


All E46 kits include delrin bushings to replace the original rubber mount, and you can option the kit to substitute our billet adjustable lollipops instead. 

For widebody racecars please contact us about custom widths beyond our online catalog listed here  561-542-2810


Kit Features

  • 60°+ of steering lock (depending on wheel/tire combination)
  • 40% faster steering ratio
  • 3.1 turns lock-to lock at 60°!
  • 28mm roll-center correction
  • Matching bump-steer correction
  • Four position ackerman adjustment (Zero, Low, Medium, High)

What's in box

  • SLR Lower Control Arms x2
  • SLR Inner & Outer Balljoint studs
  • SLR Bump-steer / Roll-center /Steering Adapters x2
  • SLR Adjustable Outer Tie Rods x2
  • Delrin Lollipop Bushing x2
  • All hardware for 100% bolt-on installation
  • SLR Decals
  • SLR Installation Manual